Huruf dan Abjad

Sebelum kemunculan pengangkaan Arab (Arabic numerals) pada sekitar kurun kelapan, sistem pernomboran abjad (alphabetic numbering) merupakan sistem yang biasa digunakan untuk tujuan pernomboran. Sistem ini wujud bagi kebanyakan bahasa pada ketika itu, terutamanya untuk bahasa-bahasa samawi (semitic), termasuklah bahasa Arab. Sistem dibawah ini boleh diibaratkan sebagai Roman numerals versi Arab dimana I, V, X dan L melambangkan 1, 5, 10 dan 50 dan seterusnya. Sama seperti itu, alif, ha, ya dan nun masing-masing melambangkan 1, 5, 10 dan 50 dan seterusnya.

ا – 1
ب – 2
ج – 3
د – 4
ه – 5
و – 6
ز – 7
ح – 8
ط – 9
ي – 10
ك – 20
ل – 30
م – 40
ن – 50
س – 60
ع – 70
ف – 80
ص – 90
ق – 100
ر – 200
ش – 300
ت – 400
ث – 500
خ – 600
ذ – 700
ض – 800
ظ – 900
غ – 1000

Penghafalan sistem yang sukar ini dimudahkan dengan mengelompokkan nombor-nombor yang berturutan bagi membentuk perkataan yang boleh dilagukan.

ابجد – abjad: 1–2–3–4
هوز – hawwaz: 5–6–7
حطي – hutthi: 8–9–10
كلمن – kalaman: 20–30–40–50
سعفص – sa’fash: 60–70–80–90
قرشت – qarasyat: 100–200–300–400
ثخذ – thakhidz: 500–600–700
ضظغ – dhazhagh: 800–900–1000

Perkembangan ilmu matematika pada kurun kedua dan ketiga hijrah amat pesat hinggakan tertubuhnya pelbagai pusat ilmuwan di serata dunia Islam. Ternyata, sistem pernomboran abjad tidak mampu menampung perkembangan ilmu bagi tujuan perhitungan yang kompleks, kerana penulisannya menjadi terlalu rumit. Penggunaan sistem ini menyorot dengan mendadak setelah sistem pengangkaan Hindu-Arab diperkenalkan. Sistem ini digunapakai secara meluas, hingga ke hari ini.

٠ 0 sifr صفر
١ 1 wahid واحد
٢ 2 ithnan إثنان
٣ 3 thalatha ثلاثة
٤ 4 arba’a أربعة
٥ 5 khamsa خمسة
٦ 6 sitta ستة
٧ 7 sab’a سبعة
٨ 8 thamaniya ثمانية
٩ 9 tis’a تسعة

Perkataan ‘abjad’ dalam bahasa Melayu mengambil nama dari empat nombor yang pertama dalam sistem Arabic alphabetic numbering, dan perkataan ‘huruf’ juga diambil dari perkataan Arab ‘haraf’ yang bermaksud single letter word.

Khutbah Jumaat

Alhamdulillah, saya kira khatib hari ini cakna dengan isu semasa. Hujah-hujah yang dibentangkan rajih dan amat menepati waktu. Masalah buli tidak boleh dipandang enteng. Malangnya, kehadiran para alim yang waspada dengan isu semasa adalah far and few in between. Seringkali tertimbul persoalan di benak fikiran, kenapakah ramai ulamak hari ini seolah-olah terputus dengan waqi’? Sekadar memuntahkan kembali teks ucapan di hadapan makmum. Nasihat buat diri.


Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I am not of this world. That I come from a distant place, not bound by time and space. That I am here on earth for only a moment or two, a pitstop on the journey home. That when I gaze up at the night sky, home is there, somewhere. I have to remind myself that I came from Adam, and Adam was not from this world. He was born in heaven, gardens beneath which rivers flow. That no matter how intricately beautiful this world may seem, it is no match for my real home. It’s no wonder that my heart can never be satisfied here, because I was never meant to stay. I have to constantly remind myself because, it’s easy to forget home when you’ve been away for so long.

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “By the One in Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, any one of them (believers) will be more familiar with his dwelling in Paradise than he was with his house in this world.” [Bukhaari]


Stargazing with friends at Anzac Park back in 2012. Photo by Nadly Aizat.

This One’s for Keeps

Alhamdulillah, Haizat and Sara have tied the knot. May Allah shower the lovely couple with unending barakah! The solemnization was a very heartwarming ceremony (and quite hipstery too). I managed to spot Haizat teary-eyed when he hugged his mom.

Isn’t it interesting when your friend marries your other friend? I actually knew Sara before I knew Haizat, though not many people know that. We attended the same Chemistry tuition classes during SPM year. And I first met Haizat in INTEC and got to know him alot more in Palmy, NZ.

Fast forward ten years and with some twist of fate, the both of them are now pronounced husband and wife. Thank you Haizat for letting me be part of your big day, as best man! And thank you, for honouring me by allowing me to grace your reception with the doa recitation. I meant every word.

Haizat and the Groomsmanizers on the morning of Hari Merdeka.

Mengembara di Bumi Konstantiniyyah

It took my brother and I close to 2 whole days to locate this site. With alot of asking, hiking, more asking, more hiking and broken Turkish/English in between, alhamdulillah we found it. Thank you ofcourse to Ammar’s mother for guiding us there. We have the GPS coordinates saved now, for whoever would like to pay him a visit, the coordinates are below.


Pusara Ahmad Ammar di perkarangan Eyüp Sultan Camii.

Ammar merupakan satu-satunya anak Malaysia yang diberi keistimewaan ditanamkan di tanah perkuburan Masjid Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari.

Part of my conversation with Pn Nur Azlina, Ammar’s wonderful mother. The coordinates can be copied from above.


Women are very much different in private than they are in public. They may seem petite on the outside, but not so much on the inside. And that’s perfectly okay with me. I know, because I grew up with two sisters. I know that when they leave the house, besides putting on a veil that covers their hair, they also put on a mask that covers their true identity. In fact, I’ve noticed that women have many masks that they put on for the world, and one mask that they have in the home. And that home mask, is the same one they’ve been wearing since they were a child. That home mask, to me at least, is who a woman really is. I’ve also come to realise that women are more what they hide then what they show.

My sister sometimes sings in front the mirror with a hairbrush microphone, hijab off, hair done, with full makeup, stereo blazing on high. Pretending to be a superstar, or a princess is so much easier when you don’t have to worry about who’s watching. When I stumble into her room and see her do the things she does, I am reminded of how Allah has created men and women so differently. And yes sometimes I do get annoyed at her idiosyncrasies that only we siblings know about, but those are the little things that make her mine.

Sometimes on a hot sunny day, I know that my sisters secretly wish they could just flip off their tudungs, and let the wind blow in their hair. Or let the cool breeze whisk on their skin, with the car window down, short sleeves and all. I know how they would love to just jump in the public pool for a dip, or walk on the white sandy beaches and swim in the crystal blue sea without having to worry about covering up. Only I know what they look like when they don’t have to. But again, those are the things that make them mine.

Allah has created men and women differently, because I believe that they were meant to complement each other. For my brother and I, being the emotionless, quiet, introspective thinkers as opposed to feelers that we are, I know that without my sisters, our lives would have been very dull, black and white, without colour nor depth. As for my sisters, who wear their hearts on their sleeves, probably having some sombre in their lives would have helped at times as well. I don’t really know why I wrote this, just something bouncing around in my head that I needed to let out. Oh and also maybe because I’m already missing home so much. And skyping with my silly sister on her birthday made it a little easier to bear.

Dagger to the Heart

Today while doing my engineering design work in the library, I read the above ayah from the Quran from Surah Al-Fath. I read the verse without looking at the translation, deciphering each word with my own limited Quranic Arabic knowledge. It took me about five whole minutes to capture each kalimah and grasp the message of this one verse. And all of a sudden, I was overwhelmed by the message and started crying uncontrollably. I was sobbing so much I had to stop work. I think the people around me in the library began to notice, I felt embarrassed. Habis basah lengan baju sweater mengelap air mata. Ya Allah, make us amongst those you mentioned in this ayah. Ameen!

It’s Allah

Your spouse will not give you happiness. Whoever marries to find happiness will be disappointed. Your spouse is not in control over your happiness now and never will be. You are responsible for your own happiness. No one can take that power away from you. What makes you happy now will make you happy later. What makes you sad now will make you sad later. Remember the last time you did something and it made you feel happy? That day when you laughed out loud, and thought to yourself, “I can’t remember the last time I laughed like that.” That is what really makes you happy. Cooking a healthy meal, baking a nice cake, putting on nice clothes, playing in the rain, reading a good book, singing in the shower, cuddling with the kids or helping someone out. Do it again. Do it often. Do it more. And then smile at yourself. Smile because it’s not your spouse who gives you happiness, it’s Allah. Though it would be nice to do it together.

Sujud Merdeka

Allah telah mengutuskan kami untuk mengeluarkan siapa saja yang Dia kehendaki dari perhambaan terhadap sesama manusia kepada perhambaan kepada Allah, dari kesempitan dunia kepada keluasannya, dari kezaliman agama-agama kepada keadilan Islam. – Rib’ie ibn Amir kepada Rustam, Pemimpin Parsi.

Benarlah, hanya jiwa yang merdeka mampu memerdekakan jiwa-jiwa lain. – Muhammad Ahmad Ar-Rasyid, Sajdatul Hurriyah, Al-Muntalaq.

Setiap sujud pengabdian kamu kepada Allah, adalah sujud kebebasan kamu daripada manusia. Inilah sujud yang merdeka.