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Who’s that girl? What’s her name?


I’ve always suspected that my sister was an undercover superhero. I just couldn’t prove it all these years, until now. I recently stumbled upon some compelling evidence to support my claim. See what she left unattended? And according to her job description, she is trained to dodge bombs (really), go in and out of high security installations (no joke) and do other superhero stuff. Plus when confronted at the end of the week on what she’s been up to at work she says evasively, “Saving the world before bedtime.” I now have every reason to believe she is a Powerpuff Girl. Question is, which one? *squints eyes suspiciously*

Who’s that girl? What’s her name? Is she cool? Is she lame? – Pepper Ann

Our Own Sir Peter Jackson


I recall a few years ago, after receiving an outstanding straight As for his SPM results, my brother was asked what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Because he passed with flying colours, he was offered to do many things, by many parties, though none of them was what he really wanted to do. Medicine? Engineering? Law? The world was his oyster. Faced with the decision to either follow the crowd and do as others do, or chart his own future into the unknown, he decided on the latter, though he received countless “advice” from naysayers to persuade him otherwise. It was difficult because the offers elsewhere were tempting, what with full scholarships, studying in a foreign country and whatnot. After standing his ground and persevering through with his passion in Film Making, he has received accolades for his abilities and is already carving a name for himself. And today, he is featured in the papers for just that. Alhamdulillah, I’m so proud of him. Luqman, this one’s for you lil bro.