The Tan Sri

A few days ago, I attended a tahlil arwah at a neighbours place. As my family had relatively recently moved into the neighbourhood, I was still unacquainted with most of my neighbours. All I knew was that many of them were high ranking officials and accomplished people in society. It was the first time I had attended a majlis with such a large cross-section of society, with everyone from a Menteri, to a pilot, to an actress, in the jemaah. Among them were many Dato’s, Dato’ Seris and one of them was even a Tan Sri, so I heard.

After the majlis ended, I found myself like a fish out of water amongst the crowd, who were much more senior than I was, so I quietly slipped out of the hall and minded my own business in a secluded part of the house. I kept to myself as the night went by, admiring the sky alone by the verandah. It wasn’t long before I was approached by a man, who was wandering the perimeters of the house. He was clearly much older than everyone else I had seen that night. He had a pleasant look about him and was smiling when he noticed I saw him. He greeted me and asked me who I was. I happily introduced myself and returned the question, to which he associated himself in relation to the deceased.

Surprisingly, we talked for more than a while, with occasional smiles and nods in between. The man had obviously managed to find common ground between us to result in our fruitful exchange. Despite him being seemingly nearly thrice my age, the conversation carried didn’t seem forced, it was so natural. He was such an amiable person, and I was glad we talked.

Later that night, I inquired to my mom about this particular man. My mom told me that he was the Tan Sri she had mentioned to me previously, the most decorated man at the event that night. I was quite shocked and later settled with guilt, as I recalled asking him to introduce himself to me, when he obviously did not require any introduction from anyone else!

MasyaAllah, such a humbling experience, to meet such a humble man. I suppose it’s no wonder he’s a Tan Sri, a very agreeable person indeed. May his elevation in the akhirah be matched by his gradation in the dunia!

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