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Mengembara di Bumi Konstantiniyyah

It took my brother and I close to 2 whole days to locate this site. With alot of asking, hiking, more asking, more hiking and broken Turkish/English in between, alhamdulillah we found it. Thank you ofcourse to Ammar’s mother for guiding us there. We have the GPS coordinates saved now, for whoever would like to pay him a visit, the coordinates are below.


Pusara Ahmad Ammar di perkarangan Eyüp Sultan Camii.

Ammar merupakan satu-satunya anak Malaysia yang diberi keistimewaan ditanamkan di tanah perkuburan Masjid Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari.

Part of my conversation with Pn Nur Azlina, Ammar’s wonderful mother. The coordinates can be copied from above.