Monthly Archives: May 2012

Be Weak

“We deceive ourselves when we fancy that only weakness needs support. Strength needs it far more.” – Madame Swetchine

I live in a community where being weak is shunned and looked down upon. Where it’s not okay to make a mistake, and if you slip up, then you’ve disgraced yourself and earned the wrath of Allah, punishable by death and you will be condemned to eternal damnation in hell. Where people will judge you before they even know you. Where good impressions are the ultimate goal, the only goal, instead of sincerity, humility, conscience, manners, courtesy and respect.

We are preoccupied with the details of religion, the nitty gritty, instead of taking it and embracing it as a whole, a universal and timeless guidance for each and every soul that walks the face of this earth. We are concerned with what is furu’ (branch) instead of what is usul (root). We ask things like why doesn’t she wear the hijab? And why does he have a tattoo? Why do they eat from that shop? Why don’t they boycott those products? And then some.

We have set ourselves up for self-destruction. A misconstrued perception of our religion and our prophetic tradition. A pressure cooker under severe stress and strain. We live with split personalities, veils if you will, one for ourselves, and one for the world. And a veil for each and every other situation.

We are not prophets. We are babies in our religion. We will make mistakes. In fact even the prophets made mistakes. We are on this very planet due to the mistake Adam AS made, which was eating an apple from a tree. So let me tell you here and now, it’s okay to not be okay. You have been strong for far too long. You refrained and withheld your true nature. Now it’s your turn to be weak. To be vulnerable. To let your guard down. To let yourself go. And be free.